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24 Ways To Be SUPEREXTRA Patriotic This 4th Of July

“Make America Great Again” with Trump bumper stickers. All over your car. And your neighbor’s car. “America” means cis, hetero, white/orange men in Read...
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QUIZ: Which Version of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Are You?

In this era of constant self-examination, introspection, and Buzzfeed quizzes, this fact certainly brings up an important question. Which version of Read...
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Christmas ornaments: a history.

Your Life, As Defined By Your Christmas Ornaments

A photo of your long-dead cat, Milo, in a brass Easter egg-shaped frame. Oh, sweet animal, I miss your furballs, you think when you hang it on a low Read...
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The Problem With Giving Your Kids Experiences Instead Of Gifts

Advertisers don't encourage us to believe that our kids need to make memories more than another toy to wage war on capitalism; they do it because Read...
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Tinsel Pig. Make your holiday dreams come true.

10 Ways Target Is Robbing You Like A European Pickpocket: Holiday Edition

6. Light-up crap: Illuminated pig? Obviously. For a mere $45 you can deck your lawn with this Tinsel Pig and a number of other forest/farm animals/ Read...
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That's right, Santa's a verb now.

The Santa Claus Dilemma: To Santa Or Not To Santa? 

My partner and I are trying to decide whether we want to Santa our daughter or not. We want to encourage honesty, and there's something about Santa Read...
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An Imagined Conversation With A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Dad

Me: Alright, hit me with some suggestions. Holiday Gift Guide: Drum roll, please! How about… a tie?!? Read...
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That Time I Got Violently Ill On Christmas—And Learned Something I'll Never Forget

I got food poisoning the day of Christmas, at age 8. Read...
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