Lennox is less than happy. Image: Bridget Brown.

4 Things I Learned By Driving 3000 Miles With My Toddler (ALONE)

We had to walk through the casino. To a 2-year-old, hell is a room full of buttons you aren’t allowed to push. To the parent of a 2-year-old, hell is Read...
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A Week Of Parenting A Toddler — In 12 Facebook Statuses I Didn't Post

Parenting a toddler is invigorating, exhausting, dirty, and intense. But since I want my daughter to have cousins (or at least pseudo-cousins) one Read...
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I didn’t want to wean her for a lot of reasons, but the primary driving force was guilt.

I Force-Weaned My Child, And It Was Awful, For A While Anyway

She didn’t wean herself. There was no gradual decline in the frequency of nursing sessions, no mounting interest in outside activities, no moment of Read...
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I am helping her embrace her femininity by letting her be nothing other than whoever she wants to be.

‘Feminist Princess’ Doesn’t Have To Be An Oxymoron

And so, because I love my child, I am doing the thing I swore I’d never do: planning a princess party for my daughter. I am doing the thing that will Read...
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He's a baby, not a "man."

Please Stop Calling My Child 'Little Man'

We’re trying to raise him with a lot of options and very few assumptions, but I won’t be mad at you if you call my kid “handsome little boy” or Read...
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Paint everywhere? OK.

5 Battles I Won’t Fight With My Toddler

“How many time have I asked you….” I say in frustration, and then it hits me. The real question I should be asking is how many times I’ve uttered Read...
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It's the truth.

Why I'm Proud My Child Showed Her Doctor Her Vulva

Studies have shown that teaching kids the actual terms for their private parts — instead of cutesy nicknames — decreases their chances of being Read...
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"The monster truck is life."

The 5 Stages Of Toddler Toy Loss Grief

There are few things in life more jarring to a toddler than the loss of a beloved toy. And there are few things in life more jarring to a parent than Read...
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