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Love, Alexi: The Breakup List

Recently it seems like everyone I know is going through a gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, devastating breakup. Here's my breakup list to help us all! Read...
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Love, Alexi: I Did It. I Got On Tinder 

I got on Tinder! I was now, officially on and it was like I had been sucked into a vortex and I couldn't get out. Wow. This place is a madhouse. Read...
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Love, Alexi: How I Prepared To Use Tinder With Every Self-Help Trick Out There

I took out my phone, and with all my newfound self-worth and intentions inside me… I did it! I downloaded the app and prepared to use Tinder. Read...
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Self-Care Isn't Enough For Caregivers — We Need Support Too

As a therapist, I specialize in families dealing with trauma. My work is hard, so like any good therapist, I engage in self-care. Yet, it's not Read...
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Love, Alexi: On Self-Help & Dating

I thought, if this is her new self-help medicine, it was working. I was lifting the veil of my life and who I was at my core. Read...
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Go from surviving to thriving. You got this. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

4 Types Of Negative Self-Talk That Are Holding You Back From Your Best Life

I am stronger than my struggle and I am worth the work it takes. I’ve survived every hard day of my life so far, and I will survive more. The chasm Read...
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Bad days. We all have them.

11 Strategies For Dealing With A Bad Fricking Day

Let’s just be real with each other, we all have bad days. Read...
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Gurus in Government? Self-help Superstar (and Hollywood Darling) Marianne Williamson Looks Toward the Capitol

Self-help guru Marianne Williamson pushes onward with her bid for congress claiming that "humanitarian values should replace economic values as the Read...
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