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Primark Selling Padded "My First Bra" Marketed To Young Girls

Primark is selling "My First Bra," a padded bra they claim is "moulded" not padded to girls aged 7-13. Here's why their explanation is BS. Read...
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The Swoop And Tuck: How To Put Your Bra On Properly

Did you know that most women don’t even know how to put their bra on? Today we bring you Bra Wearing 101. Read...
Judy P. Masucci, Ph.D    |   05.16.17   |   SHARE
A properly fitting bra makes all the difference. Seriously.

8 Steps To New Boobs (Or How The Right Bra Can Change Your Life)

*/ /*-->*/ I've been fitting women for bras for ten years, and can say authoritatively that most women are wearing the wrong size. What many women Read...
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5 Things I've Learned About Lingerie

I wouldn't consider myself egotistical, but up until last week, I was pretty confident I was successfully wearing my underwear for the last three Read...
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Keep that Smartphone Away from Your Brain (and Other Useful Body Parts)

If there’s even a chance that smartphones are connected to cancer why the fuck do we keep using them? Read...
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The Proof is 4 Million Strong: Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer!

News flash from France: Exercise is good for the boobs! Read...
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