"A thin-obsessed world perpetuates eating disorders and fat phobia."

The Eating Disorder Community Has A Fat Phobia Problem

Suggesting that we should figure out how to apply a deadly illness to fat people is ludicrous on its face for a number of reasons, not the least of Read...
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Hey, guess what - coffee in moderation is A-okay. Who knew?!!

#RavsRadar: Today, In News We Already Knew: Some Coffee = Not Bad For You

After much deliberation, the Food Police have determined that caffeine, in moderation, is still not bad for people. You are free to drink 400 mg of Read...
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You're gonna want to know about this.

New Technology Gives Breast Cancer Patients More Options

One of the top things a doctor can do for a patient is to empower them to be part of the decision-making process by giving them a full range of Read...
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Losing My MDMA Virginity Was Better Than Losing My Actual Virginity

Both virginities were lost to friends and I wore needless belts on both occasions, but that's where the similarities ended. Read...
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Academics Step Outside The Ivory Tower To Enact Social Change

“Some of the smartest thinkers . . . are university professors, but most of them just don’t matter in today’s great debates”—or do they? Read...
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Frank Underwood Is Bisexual: What's So "Ambiguous" About That?

Kevin Spacey’s character on House of Cards likes to have sex with both men and women. So why are people afraid to call him bisexual? Read...
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Vaccines Should Remain Parental Choice, Not Law

No one is currently in a position to mandate a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy. Read...
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My Daughter Is A Gift—But Her Autism Is Not

I simply can't accept autism as just another variation of normal. Read...
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