Start Your Kid Army Now! (Children as Young as 5 Can Learn Calculus)

Kids are known for being eerily on point with life facts, but new research suggests that Read...
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Storytime Gets a Little Scary: Pixar Artist Retells R-Rated Movie Scenes in Illustrated Kids Book

Story time with the kids can be a drag right? Building verbal competency in your offspring is great and all, but a lot Read...
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13-Year-Old Boy Confesses to Raping Sister, Blames it on XBOX Porn

In a chilling tale of disassociation and childhood depravity, an eight-year-old hailing from Blackburn, England has admitted to not only raping his Read...
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The Anti-Gulag: Stunning Images of a Fairytale Russia

While Saturday Night Live’s Olya Povlatsky might Read...
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