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Take The Cake: 3 Reasons I Don’t Use The Word “Bully”

The word “bully” makes us think we’re talking about a tiny handful of anti-social individuals when in fact we’re talking about a group of people. Read...
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Giles Coren's most recent column is full of fat-shaming

Every Justification For Giles Coren’s Fat-Shaming Debunked

Giles Coren writes a column about fatherhood for Esquire UK. His most recent column is full of fat-shaming including shaming is own son. Read...
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"Go Find The Beauty In People And Tell Them": Interview With Calvin Liu, Co-Creator Of Outpour App

A new app is countering the often noxious world of online interactions via positive affirmations. We catch up with one of its founders. Read...
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Can we send flowers to her? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Pregnant Protester Takes Down Anti-Abortionists

"You don't know why people are doing what they're doing . . . I think this is so wrong, on so many levels." Read...
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Michael Brown Doesn’t Need To Be A Hero For Ferguson to Matter

Attempts to salvage Michael Brown's character and portray him as angelic detract from the bigger issues at play. Read...
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A Bully Apologized. WHERE are the Tissues?!

What happens when a former bully reaches out to someone he hurt in high school? Read...
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