It is a 'myth' that Catholic hospitals will make exceptions for emergencies. Image: Parentingupstream/Pixabay (CC0 1.0)

Shocking: Catholic Hospitals Discriminate And Deny Women Emergency Services

[CN: abortion, death, pregnancy] Even though Catholic hospitals receive billions in taxpayer dollars, they systematically deny critical care. Read...
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Penis power is solely limited to fertilizing eggs. And a fertilized egg is a fertilized egg — no less, no more. Image: Discarding Images/Tumblr.

Is Penis Worship At The Root Of The Bogus Notion Of Fetal Personhood?

[CN: gender essentialism, birth] Patriarchs, love your orgasms all you like, but don’t fall for the weirdly puffed-up idea that they make babies. Read...
It's raining Yaz!

I Still Shop At Hobby Lobby — Even Though It's Run By Bigots

While the Supreme Court deliberated Hobby Lobby’s 2013 case against Obamacare, I took to social media to stoically announce: “I’m never shopping at Read...
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Put simply, his platform directly addresses conditions millennials have struggled with all their lives, offering immediate change, rather than gradual proposals.

The Unique Irony Of Shaming Millennial Bernie Supporters

It’s a well-documented fact that a majority of Democrats under 30 support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. From the earliest races in the primary, he led Read...
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I see the face of my attacker in every anti-abortion law passed and every piece of anti-women legislation written and every anti-choice rally held.

Taking Away Access To Safe And Affordable Abortion Care Might As Well Be Rape

The first time I felt like I had lost control of my body was over six years ago, when I found out I was pregnant. Biology and time and every facet of Read...
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My abortion helped me turn my life around.

My Abortion Was The Turning Point In My Life

The gynecologist said, “Congratulations!” He sent me home with some vitamin B pills, assuming that of COURSE I was going to carry this baby to term. Read...
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It only reinforced and strengthened my belief that women and other people who can become pregnant have a fundamental right to decide what happens to their body.

Pregnancy Made Me More  Pro-Choice

Something had clicked in my head. Suddenly I didn't give a shit when life began or whether or not a fetus counts as a “baby.” I was overwhelmed by Read...
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