I keep going, one foot defiantly placed in front of the other. Image: Adrian Williams.

Dear Street Harasser: Here Are 6 Reasons I Refuse To Smile

There are so many reasons why I and countless other women walking down countless sidewalks aren’t smiling. Our rights are still being violated, still Read...
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“The access to reproductive rights has gotten worse. Opponents are starting to succeed.” Image: Words Of Choice.

The Reproductive Freedom Festival Is LIVE March 20!

Mark your calendars for The Reproductive Freedom Festival on the evening of March 20. Over three hours of live performances will be streamed from a Read...
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"I can't have his baby. I have to have an abortion."

This Is What It REALLY Feels Like To Have An Abortion

I didn't want to go through the experience of having an abortion. I didn't want to get pregnant in the first place. But I was grateful for the option Read...
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Since when has "just don't get pregnant" been an effective promotion of reproductive health?

The Zika Virus: Why Now Is The Time For Reproductive Justice In Latin America

Use insect repellent, sleep under a mosquito net, and just don’t get pregnant — is this the best we can do for Latin American women? Read...
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You deserve to grieve.

I’m Not Done Talking About Miscarriage And Here’s Why

Here are some further thoughts on miscarriage, the Internet, and how we can be supportive to women going through one. Read...
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Image: <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Planned_Parenthood_(3298748510).jpg">Wikipedia</a>

Texas Vs. Women’s Reproductive Rights

What happens in Texas may not stay in Texas — a good reason for women across the United States to be concerned. Read...
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Planned Parenthood, protecting reproductive rights.

Reflections On The Planned Parenthood Shooting: It Could Have Been Me

Women come to Planned Parenthood for a variety of reasons: an affordable check up from a licensed gynecologist, STD testing, pregnancy testing, LGBT Read...
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I'm A Mom Who Had A Late-Term Abortion And I Don't Regret It At All

My husband and my best friend were with me. They realized quickly something was wrong when the ultrasound tech moved us from one room to another. Read...
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