"We were there. Always."

What I Learned As A Planned Parenthood Escort

Over those five years, I volunteered on hot summer days and rainy mornings. I stood in snow, wearing warm layers and fleece mittens. I volunteered Read...
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This is your brain on pro-lifers.

My Reaction To Seeing Pro-Life Protestors Outside My Workplace

I live, work,and was also raised in Canada, where abortion has been legal since the late '80s. And before that — since the late '60s — it was legal Read...
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Todays topic is: abortion.

Am I A Feminist If I Don't Believe In Abortion?

You see abortion, whether you believe in it or not, is a thing. Abortion, whether it’s legal or not, is a thing. Abortion, whether it’s safe or not, Read...
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Humans cannot become cats. Bummer.

Marco Rubio Just Wants To Make Sure You Know Humans CANNOT, In Fact, Turn Into Cats

In today's WTF news: Marco Rubio (sorry Marco, Apple just doesn't have the alternate text capacity to put that Read...
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Planned Parenthood (photo credit: Women's eNews)

Why We Should Thank Planned Parenthood, Not Defund It

". . . it is illegal to sell fetal tissue, but it is perfectly legal to receive compensation for the time and expense involved in collecting, Read...
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Frozen Embryos Don't Have Rights, Women Do 

"It's simple, really. If you can muddy the waters enough, and espouse concern for the rights of those poor defenseless embryos enough, what should be Read...
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Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Trolling, sex work, and sexism in the illustration industry. Read all about it! Read...
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My Abortion Was A Hard Choice—But The Right One

The body does not want an abortion, and subjects a woman to misery. But that may be a good thing. Read...
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