Quote of the Day: Representative Becker Says, "I'm Not a Medical Doctor" But Plan B and IUDs are Equivalent to Abortions

Kids, you know how IUDs work—right? Congrats. You're now eligible to be an American politician. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   06.6.14   |   SHARE
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Wendy Davis Confronts Horrifying "Abortion Barbie" Posters, We Weep for Women Everywhere

Let's provide some historical context for this disgusting news item, shall we? Read...
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It's Women's History Month: Time to Give Abortion Providers Some Much Deserved Recognition

It’s Women’s History Month, and with the emphasis on providing profiles of prominent female figures, it’s easy to Read...
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Good News: We Could Have a Female GOP Veep Nominee! Bad News: She Doesn't Support Women's Rights

Republicans are hoping Senator Kelly Ayotte could help court the women's vote in 2016. The only problem? A long history of battling Planned Read...
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