The ones who sneer, judge, and make ignorant comments (or worse) — they’re the weak ones. Not you.

I'm Coming Out: A Paranoid Schizophrenic Talks About Stigma

I made the decision to come out of the mental illness closet and face the world without fear or shame. My son will grow up in a house that doesn’t Read...
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Colorful pills spilling out of a bottle.

I Fought My Meds But My Meds Won

When we make medications seem like a failure rather than a simple necessity, we make the people who take them feel like failures, too. Read...
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Left: 12/13 Right: 10/14

Don't Judge My Anorexia

Anorexia is not what you think. Warning: Triggering pictures included. Read...
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Bob Barker Gave Me These Freckles: Suicide In A Patriarchal Society

Suicide is a calculated escape from desperation—it is also a paralytic of the patriarchy, used to thin the herd of potential disruptors. Read...
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Meet Sappho, The Bisexual Poet Way Ahead Of Her Time  

The bisexual stigma is rough—take it from a woman who lived in 600 BCE. Read...
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The Ebola Outbreak: Coming to a Town Near You

The virus creates new horrors by the day in Africa. The wily nature of the disease, together with various social barriers creates the perfect storm. Read...
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Rejoice Male Brethren! The Autoblow 2 is Ready for Pre-Order

Women use vibrators and dildos like the great sex-pocalyspe is coming. Men deserve a BJ stimulator, damnit. Read...
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Of Dildos and Degrees: Why College-Educated Women are Turning to Sex Work

More students are using sex work to pay for their education than ever before. Is the stigma surrounding this decision deserved? Read...
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