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The Trans Mental Health Debate Is A Lot More Complicated Than You Think

The commonly held interpretation is that I am “a woman trapped in a man’s body,” but the truth is much more complex than that. Read...
Katelyn Burns    |   08.28.17   |   SHARE
"I no longer get a sense of pride from being and proclaiming to be busy, and I don’t take part in pro-burnout culture talk with others."

I Have OCPD: Here's Why You've Probably Never Heard Of It Before

I thought that my drive to perfectionism was warranted and desirable. "I am just doing what I have to do" — that's the mantra I used to motivate Read...
Nadia Schmidtke    |   05.22.17   |   SHARE
"No one guessed that schizophrenia was the cause of my comments — or, at times, what some would call strange or unusual behavior."

I Have Paranoid Schizophrenia, And It's Nothing Like What You See On TV

I don’t look at all like the portrayals of these killers Hollywood never seems to tire of writing into movies and series. But I do have paranoid Read...
Rebecca Chamaa    |   05.22.17   |   SHARE
It starts like an itch. Something feels wrong, and I need to make it right again.

What I Wish Other People Knew About OCD

OCD is tailor-made for iceberg metaphors. Read...
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Just because someone’s not married doesn’t mean he or she is undesirable.

3 Unfair Stigmas Surrounding Singles (And Why We Must Change Them)

Let’s bust the stigmas surrounding singles and become more open and inclusive. Read...
Sandy Weiner of The Good Men Project    |   05.1.17   |   SHARE
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Is the ignorance surrounding cannabis really a lack of knowledge or is it just reticence to change?

My 9-Year-Old Knows Good People Who Smoke Pot — I'm One Of Them

There’s nothing distinguishable about a cannabis user. Most of us, you’d never pick out of a crowd. Read...
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It’s hardly a wonder so many people suffer in silence, when these are the responses they’re likely to receive if they talk about their problems.

The Phrase We Need To Stop Using When We Talk About Depression

I can assure you that when a person is at rock bottom and in so much emotional pain that they literally can’t think of anything else but ending it as Read...
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TBH, text him if you want to

How To Let Go Of Your Insecurities After A Hookup

Women kind of get a shit deal when it comes to casual Read...
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