Alexis’ story made my Wednesday, obviously. I was so fascinated. Image: Foundry/Pixabay.

My Friend Told Me She Has Two Cervixes. I Have So Many Questions.

[CN: mentions of blood, pregnancy] "My life is hilarious... I have two motherf**king UTERUSES." Read...
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Never leave him alone — in the pool, the bath, anything. Image: Thinkstock.

I Won't Hide My Son's Epilepsy, Even If My Husband Disagrees With This Approach

My husband is worried about stigma, about Owen feeling different, about epilepsy being part of his identity. Those are sweet concerns, really. And I Read...
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Too often parents try to keep their skeletons locked away in basement closets. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm An Alcoholic And Drug Addict, And I'm Not Going To Hide It From My Kids

[CN: alcoholism, drug addiction, mention of rape] I want them to know that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that they are predisposed to. Read...
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I know deep down I wouldn’t be able to do what Maddie is doing. Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

My Friend Is 20 And Pregnant — Here's Why I Stopped Judging Her For Having The Baby

I know deep down I wouldn’t be able to do what Maddie is doing. She’s so strong and determined to give her unborn child the best. As I look at my Read...
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Slut-shaming is how we explain the gendered double standard of sexual respectability: It’s women taking flak for the sex we have, while men are applauded for simply “doing what men do.” Image: Thinkstock.

How STI Stigma Perpetuates Slut-Shaming

Four years ago, I could be found most mornings at the same café with the same blue notebook and a mug of hot coffee. I was trying to write the story Read...
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Getting Herpes Was A Gift

In STI support communities, many refer to the person who gave them herpes as their “gifter.” This might sound strange, since I’m sure a sexually Read...
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It's going to be OK! #STDAwareness month. Image: Thinkstock.

11 Questions I Asked Myself During My First STD Scare

For some of us, our first real taste of adulthood comes from sitting alone in a clinic, waiting to get our ding-dongs tested. Read...
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I expect we all fantasise about being a superhero sometimes, but even Superman has kryptonite. Image: Matthew Williams.

Daddy Isn't A Hero — He's A Real Man Who Has Depression

These are precious years; years that pass too quickly as your little ones speed towards adulthood and the ever increasing awareness that their Read...
Matthew Williams of The Good Men Project    |   04.14.16   |   SHARE