I take this journey of self-love and discovery one day at a time. Image: Thinkstock.

On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Honoring my feelings and being true to myself are just as important to me as being critical of the ways that a multiply-oppressive society manifests Read...
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Why do women feel the need to police other women’s bodies? Image: Thinkstock

You're Not Entitled To Comment On My Body Just Because I'm A Black Woman

In 2015, to be a woman (and a black woman at that) among the general public means having to keep your defenses up. Read...
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I love you. Image: Llywelyn Nys/Unsplash.

On Activism: An Open Letter To My Peoples

And when you're multiply marginalized and know how much work there is to be done in the struggle for liberation, how few people are doing it, and Read...
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The case for marijuana legalization is inclusive of just about every marginalized group.

The Feminist Case For Marijuana Legalization

At the end of March, a 22-year-old interview in which top Nixon aide John Ehrlichman admitted that the War on Drugs was largely initiated to target Read...
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To Moms Who Raise Their Kids "Colorblind": Psst, You're Racist

When you insist on raising your kids to be colorblind, you're saying: I don’t want to see race. Read...
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Y soy Latina también!

¡Yo Soy Latina!

Soy Adiba Nelson, y soy Latina también! Read...
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For just 22 cents a day, you can help save their hair from extinction.

That Time I Tried To Save White Women's Hairstyles From Extinction

My job is to make you feel — whether it’s lust, pride, anger, guilt, joy, sadness — whatever it is you feel, I want you to feel it. Read...
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Intersectional feminism is inclusive feminism.

Ask A Feminist: What Is Intersectional Feminism?

Understanding that systems of oppression tend to cast a wide net is the easy part. Next is the hard part: How do we as feminists work to position Read...
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