“You will only be happy if you ‘get rid of’ your illness.”

6 Totally Awful Lies That Mental Illness Told Me

I used to think that I would only be happy if I came as close to being “neurotypical” as possible. I thought that I needed to be cured to live a Read...
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I was a living dead person: The structure was there, but there was barely anything inside.

My Ongoing Struggle Through Therapy And Medication

I went to my first therapist when I was a teenager. My family was dysfunctional to the point of being non-functional. If a decision needed to be made Read...
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For the very first time, I was well and I was whole.

I Didn't Ask For Your Opinion On My Psych Meds

I don’t want your green smoothie recipe, your yoga pamphlet, or your Google search results on the meds I take. Read...
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image created by Jenni Berrett.

My Psychiatrist Wears Fuchsia And Makes Me Cry: A Call For Med Compliance

The thing about things like word-finding and exhaustion and sexual dysfunction and dry-mouth and nausea and the other things that come with the psych Read...
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Overdosed: My Mother's Extreme Bipolar Condition 

My mother had her first psychotic episode on her 40th birthday. As her birthday bash extended into its fourth day of drunken celebrations, it became Read...
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The Guilt Of Bipolar Disorder

I worry so much with every mood episode, with every burst of rage, every down day, every fit of tears that I am scarring my children. I worry that I Read...
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This is what PMDD looks like. It's also what depression looks like.

How A Misdiagnosis Almost Wrecked My Life

No medication seemed to really work, so I started to believe I was responsible for my own sickness. While I professed the notion in public that Read...
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Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (credit: youtube screen grab)

My Own Private Cuckoo's Nest

I recalled being told to sit tight in the day room all day and behave in lieu of walking peacefully to get some exercise and stretch my legs. I Read...
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