The Difference Between Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorders

The symptoms of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder can often overlap. Understanding the difference is a first step in getting Read...
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On Being "Crazy": A Day In My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric illness is still stigmatized. And that’s hard when you have a psychiatric illness. Read...
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The Good And Bad Of My Bipolar II Diagnosis And Demeanor

I’m lucky to be smart, to have an astonishingly good memory. Or maybe I’m lucky to be bipolar. Read...
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"I Am Not Broken:" Interview With An Asexual Woman

"I am not lying. I hold nothing against anyone. I am not looking to be fixed." Read...
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Watch this Video Re-Humanize the Homeless

Every person has a story. Read...
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6 Things You Probably Never Knew about Nymphomania

The controversial flick Nymphomaniac comes out on DVD today. Time for a little pre-movie education. Read...
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Kurt Cobain's Twisted Courtney Love Vows: What Do They Mean?

Does a newly released note support the theory that Love was responsible for Cobain's suicide? Read...
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Justice (Soft)Served: Pinkberry Co-Founder Sentenced to 7 Years for Beating a Homeless Man

Pinkberry's founder is sentenced to seven years in prison for beating a homeless man. Yogurt lovers (and human lovers) rejoice! Read...
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