Why I Took My Son Off His ADHD Meds

I dreaded putting him back on Concerta in the fall but I knew I had to. Or did I? Read...
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5 Differences You May Find Between Your First Baby And Your Fifth

By baby three, well let’s just say things are a little anticlimactic, at least where furnishings are concerned. Hand me down crib. Check. Read...
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"I'm Especially Proud When You're At Your Worst": A Letter To My Teenage Daughter

You're 15 years old now. You're not a little girl anymore—even though you wish you were, just a little bit. Read...
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5 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Sex

I want my kids to have an understanding of the truth of sex, the ins, the outs, the details no one wants to ask anyone—least of all their mom. Read...
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Vaccines Should Remain Parental Choice, Not Law

No one is currently in a position to mandate a one-size-fits-all vaccine policy. Read...
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My Daughter Is A Gift—But Her Autism Is Not

I simply can't accept autism as just another variation of normal. Read...
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Gender Limitations In Pretend Play—And How Allison Williams Helped Me As A Father

Despite the swordplay failings in Peter Pan Live , I must applaud NBC for removing a brick in my daughter's gender wall. Read...
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Life Reimagined: On The Erosion Of Reproductive Rights In America

The discussion needs to shift from one of legality to one of reducing abortions. Read...