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I Have A Thigh Gap—And It's Really Not All That Great

The elusive thigh gap doesn't ensure contentment. And I know because I have one. Read...
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Sperm Shortage in the UK is No Laughing Matter

Why we should be worried about a decline in sperm donors across the pond. Read...
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Hysterical Mom Warns About Doctors Peddling Birth Control to 12-Year-Old Girls

Moms like Christy Duffy really worry us. Here's why. Read...
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Ravishly Mixtape Vol. 2: Mother's Day Madness

We made you a Mixtape... Of songs that remind you of our mothers! Read...
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Why Mom Knows Best When It Comes to Your Love Life

This Mother's Day, give your mom the gift of opening up. Read...
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Toddler Down! Watch a Dancing Mom Booty Bump her Daughter

Here's what happens when a little afternoon delight dancing goes awry. Read...
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Crime...There's an App For That! Why Smart Ladies Should Consider Kitestring

A new (free!) service alerts emergency contacts when you could be in danger. Is it worth using? Read...
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Misogyny Reigns Supeme: 3 Deadbeat Politician Dads Who Are Way Worse Than Wendy Davis and Nobody Cares

Plenty of political dads have behaved badly. So why is Wendy Davis the only one being scrutinized for her parenting skills? (Hint: It has something Read...
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