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Just Hand Out The Candy: How To Not Be A Judgmental Halloween Jerk

You signed up for this Halloween evening of handing out candy. Let’s review the rules for how not to be a judgmental Halloween jerk. Read...
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 It’s the truth. Winter is coming and we can’t escape it but here's how you can cope with winter.

8 Ways To Cope With Winter Like A Boss

Winter is coming with the cold bite to the wind, the short days and long nights. We can’t escape it but here's how you can cope with winter like a Read...
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The Definitive Halloween Survival Guide For Moms (and Dads, whoever)

The Definitive Halloween Survival Guide For Moms

Gosh dangit, it’s Halloween again. This happens every year but this year you get a guide - The Definitive Halloween Survival Guide For Moms! Read...
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From GED to Ph.D: How I Made It 

My biggest dream was to graduate high school. To this day, my GED is the diploma I am the most proud of. Read...
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The writer, middle, with her friends Maureen and Janet

Why Do I Get To Be "Cancer Girl"?

If the odds of getting cancer are like Powerball, why couldn't I be a scratch-off millionaire? Read...
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In The Wake Of My Mastectomy, I Got A Tattoo

To the tattoo artist, I was a flesh canvas that she could transform into something beautiful. Read...
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Meet The Only Animal That Can Survive In Space

We would boil from the inside out if unprotected in outer space, but this tiny critter miraculously survives. Read...
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High on History: Missing Malaysia Flight Conjures Ghosts of Crashes Past

The missing Malaysia Flight 370 is all over the 24/7 news cycle. Lest we forget the oldies, here are four more prominent crashes. Read...
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