Being queer is about demolishing binaries. Image: Pixabay.

7 Things I Wish People Understood About Being Queer

Even a Google search will conflate “queer women” with “lesbian.” So the first and most obvious thing I wish people understood about being a queer Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   05.31.16   |   SHARE
I don’t know what my daughter is doing... Recently, she has fallen in love with a lesbian friend of hers.

Ask Erin: Help! My Daughter Left Her Husband For A Woman

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about Read...
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Ask Erin
Unless you’re talking explicitly about gay men, please don’t use the term ‘gay’ as a catch-all for our community. Image: Thinkstock.

Having Sex With Women Doesn't Make Me Gay

If I have sex with a woman, it does not make me gay. As someone who identifies as female, it doesn’t even make me a lesbian. Read...
Natalie Slaughter of SHESAID    |   04.21.16   |   SHARE
When subtle homophobia meets the three of us out in public, it looks back and forth from face to face and eventually just asks, “So, whose kid?” Image: Thinkstock.

It's The Casual Homophobia That Hurts My Family Most

Despite our relative insulation from homophobia, my wife and I are not unaware of the situation. There are plenty of people in this country who don’t Read...
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Pretty much nobody wants to be called a housewife. Pretty much everyone agrees that it’s degrading to spend your time doing housework. Housework is the ultimate invisible labor.

I’m Not A Stay-At-Home-Mom, I’m A Queer Housewife, Thanks

One of the most insidious things that patriarchy does is the complete and utter devaluation of anything that is considered “women’s work.” Not only Read...
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Pride Sidewalk

5 Things Friday, Pride Week Edition: How To Love And Support Your LGBTQ Friends

"There are more than three stops on the sexual orientation train (thanks to Melissa Fabulous Fabello for that one!). We typically think: Staight, gay Read...
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The Scientific Reason That Proves Homosexuals Are Gay At BIRTH

"No one chooses to be gay, nor can someone be "turned" gay due to outside forces or influences." Read...
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Janelle Monae's Sexuality Is Not For Our Consumption

In respecting Janelle Monae’s rejection of male attention, we must also respect her rejection of queer attention. Read...
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