Since listening to MFM and becoming a fan, I’ve joined lots of Facebook groups full of thousands of people who talk about it in the open.

Community, Murder, & Feminism On The Podcast My Favorite Murder

On My Favorite Murder, they find ways to talk about darkness that makes it less horrifying. If you can laugh then you can heal, that much I know. Read...
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How The Brutal Murder of My Father-in-Law Saved My Husband's Life

There were 1,958 murders in New York that year, and my husband's father was one of them. It was a brutal homicide. My husband was only seven at the Read...
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I became strangely interested in the … “media genre” (?) of true crime.

How Do You Reconcile A True Crime Obsession With Being, Like, A Good Person?

It’s a prime example of what I’ve known all along: that the true crime interest and the niceness of a person are not mutually exclusive. Read...
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What I Mean When I Say "Feminist Murder Podcast" 

My Favorite Murder is a podcast, 45 episodes old, hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who love tales of murder and tell them, Read...
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SPOILER ALERT. Murder. Image: <a href="">Maria Does Yoga</a>

Making A Murderer: America’s Latest Obsession. But Why?

We always like a good murder. It’s morbid — bordering on psychologically deviant even? — how much we want to know about a good old fashioned killing Read...
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How Two Teenage Girls Escaped From The Nazis During WWII

Mindel and Maria were young teenagers when the horrors occurred—but they remembered the tiniest details with crystal-clear intensity. Read...
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The Strange World Of "Body Farms": Solving Crime Mysteries One Cadaver At A Time

It may be grisly, but by strewing corpses around a field, scientists are able to snag killers and address global human rights abuses. Read...
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Ugh. He is hot though. Credit: Twitter

Why Do We Like Bad Boys? Meet Sean Kory, The Newest Sexy Felon

Ugh, this is so stup—DID YOU SEE THOSE EYES? Read...
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