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Stop Telling Me That You Don't See Color ​

Inevitably, it happens. A well-meaning (or maybe not so well-meaning) white person will utter the phrase, “Well, I just don’t see color.” Read...
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Hi. My name is Carrie. I’m a racist.

What To Do When You're A Low-Key Racist And Want To Change

I still wake up every day knowing that no matter how much work I do, as a low-key racist, I will always have more to do. And I’m happy to do it. Read...
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An as of yet unknown group has sent a disturbing racist postcard to residents warning of Asians “taking over” Edison. (Image: YouTube/ Zevo News)

Racist Postcard Targets 2 POC School Board Candidates

Some backward thinking people seem to think that being racist is the same as being Patriotic. A racist postcard was sent out targeting two board Read...
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Nobody needs our white asses jumping in to whitesplain racism to People of Color. Just don’t.

A Guide For White People Who Don’t Think That Thing Is Racist

For many white people, our first reaction to hearing about racism is to immediately look for a reason to say “That’s not racist!” That said, in Read...
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Opinions are not valueless, empty objects, totally abstract and disconnected from meaningful implications. They have consequences.

Your Opinion Isn't Just Incorrect; It's Wrong

Your opinion is not only incorrect, it’s probably also capital-W “Wrong” as in, Right vs. Wrong. We have a cultural problem with opinions. It’s not Read...
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This costume: approved.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Halloween Costume

We seem to reach Peak Asshole around Halloween. Read...
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Is Your iPhone Sexist And Racist?

"It appears that Apple finds sexism and racism is a bit… well, predictable. Even in texting. At least, that’s what it seems to be with Apple’s Read...
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Dustin, The Racist Hiring Manager I'll Never Forget

This man was terrifyingly comfortable making an underhandedly racist statement to my face. Read...
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