And then…crisis. A flesh-eating infection from a spider bite.

My Arm Is Being Eaten Alive Because Of A Spider Bite

My feelings about spiders and getting a spider bite used to be pretty neutral. NOT ANY LONGER. Spiders can burn in the fiery depths of hell. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Charlie Gard

What Would You Do If Charlie Gard Were Your Baby?

Charlie Gard, the terminally ill baby at the center of a five-month long legal battle, is front-page Read...
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Non-discrimination is key (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Gay Promiscuity, HIV, and Stigma; What Is Really Happening? 

When cishet people deal with sex and HIV, it remains a private affair. When queer people deal with sex and HIV, it can mean death. And not because we Read...
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It gets better than this.

The Important Lessons I Learned From Chemo

You realize pretty soon that everything other than cancer — i.e. missing a train, being late to your dentist appointment — is no biggie compared to Read...
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Fighting Cancer On My Terms

"I was afraid this thing was going to do me in. But I took a deep breath and decided very early on that I would face cancer on my own terms." Read...
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Say Hello To Vaginismus, The Locked Vagina Syndrome

The intricacies of happy vaginas are ever baffling. Thanks again, Nature, for throwing us through a loop with this rare and terrifying sexual Read...
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Sex + LoveBodies

I Spent 17.5 Years In Prison For A Crime I Did Not Commit

Prisons as currently structured are abusive, coercive and destructive to women’s self esteem, abilities and families. Read...
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Weird Sex Problem of the Day: Vaginal Dryness

Here's how to handle this all-too common condition down south. Read...
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