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Generations, Disabled AND IN POVERTY: A Response To The Washington Post

Disabled people are being killed slowly by a system that does not value us and we live in fear of things becoming even worse under Trump. Read...
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I know which path to follow, and it’s led me to empathy for others.

How Mental Illness Has Made My Life Better

It’s a strange day to be writing about how my mental illnesses have made my life better. I pulled off my hospital wristband today, after being Read...
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I think there are some real advantages offered by moving away from compulsory heterosexuality! Image: Thinkstock.

5 Ways Being Queer Is Actually An Advantage For Me

Straight people, it isn’t that you aren’t awesome; so many of you are! It’s just that, while you enjoy the numerous advantages that your straight Read...
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The writer and her son

The Dirty Little Secret Parents Are Hiding: We’re Actually Pretty Happy

People try to keep it real by talking about the struggles of being a parent, and that’s great, but the truth is this: Parenting can be great fun. Read...
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Science Says Snuggling Is The Key To Happiness

A quality cuddle does the body good. Read...
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Any man who thinks women can't barbecue like men isn't worth his sauce.

Think Men Barbecue Better Than Women? Think Again

While Kilkenny is just one woman in one city, her success proves a salient point: any man who thinks women can't barbecue like men isn't worth his Read...
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Want to Marry Your BFF? Join the Mate-rimony Movement

Here's an enticing idea: marry your friend and get the benefits of marriage (minus the sex). Read...
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