Seeing as I didn’t have any firm idea of what I wanted the dress to look like, I figured it’d be easier. Ha! Image: Scott Webb/Unsplash.

Becoming Bride: The Dress

A week or so ago I started shopping for a wedding dress, and guess what? Shopping for a wedding dress sucks! Read...
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No, I don't want a see-through wedding gown.

Say No To The Dress: My Awful Experience At Kleinfeld

Why did Kleinfeld treat me like I was buying a used car, and let me leave the store with nothing but a headache (and, frankly, a hankering for some Read...
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Off The Cuff: Help Me Find Wedding Attire I Don’t Hate

I’ve always hated shopping for dresses in general (I’m seriously supposed to track down one garment that fits properly on my chest, waist, arms, and Read...
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Forget Amber Rose: 5 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Laurel Dewitt's Show

Amber Rose's lack of underwear stole the show at Laurel DeWitt, but it shouldn't have. Read...
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The Real Reason Amal Alamuddin Is 2014's "Most Fascinating" Person

Brush up on your knowledge of the human rights issues this newly minted most-interesting person supports. Read...
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I can't even. Courtesy of, Facebook

Little Mermaid-Themed Wedding Is Ridiculous, Glorious 

We want to be where the Little Mermaid wedding guests are. We want to see, want to see them dancing . . . Read...
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Ladies love Oscar, for all the right reasons. Courtesy of, Facebook

We Say Goodbye To Oscar de la Renta: Designer, Philanthropist, Feminist

Oscar de la Renta was an iconic designer and so much more than that. Read...
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Mom Calls Out Target For Selling Barely-There Clothes For Little Girls

Who wears short shorts? Hopefully, not five-year-olds. Read...
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