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I Regret Circumcising My First Two Sons, So I Didn’t Circumcise The Third

When my son came out of surgery seventeen-and-a-half years later, I held him and cried with him and said I was sorry. I regret circumcising my son! Read...
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"I will regret that I ever decided to circumcise him in the first place. I will wish I could undo that decision and give him back today, and the summer he'll spend in bed." (Image credit: Joni Edelman)

The Lesser Known Complication Of Circumcision

Being re-circumcised is not the same thing as the quick in-office procedure that happens to a newborn. Circumcision a surgery now. Read...
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It gives me great confidence in our relationship that we agree on the important issues — be that a woman’s right to choose or a family’s right to keep their baby boys intact.

I Picked My Partner Because He Doesn't Believe In Circumcision

Properly cleaning it and putting on a condom just didn’t seem like a big deal. And as for the supposed unsightliness of an uncircumcised penis? Well Read...
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When it came to circumcision, there was a lot to be uncovered (pun intended). Image: Thinkstock.

Just Because My Husband Has A Penis Doesn't Mean He Gets To Decide If Our Son Will Be Circumcised

No matter what parents decide, what should NOT be up for debate is the importance of the decision and who gets to weigh in on it. Read...
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Why I Would Never Circumcise My Son

When my husband and I looked at the screen in the ultrasound room and saw that we were having a girl, we both breathed a sigh of relief. Not because Read...
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The Strange Case of the (Allegedly) Missing Penis

We'll solve any crime by dinner time. Read...
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Sorry Foreskin, the Ladies Still Don't Dig Ya

Ladies, you know how we’re always campaigning for beauty acceptance and all that? Get ready to eat some humble pie, honey: a whopping Read...
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