A simple flu shot would have changed everything. Image: Melissa Barvels.

I Didn't Get The Flu Shot While I Was Pregnant — And Wound Up Giving Birth In A Coma

A simple flu shot would have changed everything. It would have saved my family and I a lot of heartache; it would have prevented me and my son from Read...
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I had no belief that my babies were in heaven, nor that they would ever be born into this world.

I Don't Believe My Babies Are In Heaven

I had a lot of well-meaning friends and family searching for the right words to say after my back-to-back miscarriages. So many offered solace by Read...
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Forget the safe word, give me the epidural now, I thought, apparently with some sudden telepathic connection with my doula.

5 Things You Learn When Labor Doesn't Go According To Plan

“It will be long,” they told me. “It will likely be days after your due date,” they advised. “Everything will begin slowly with breaks between Read...
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5 Things Friday: Parenting Pitfalls

Becoming a parent is a blessed and sacred event. Never has there been a more life altering experience. No, seriously. Things you could never imagine Read...
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How I Coped After Surviving Two Miscarriages 

There was no reason why I should have miscarried, or so I thought. I found a thousand reasons to blame myself. Had I gotten enough rest? Was I Read...
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5 Differences You May Find Between Your First Baby And Your Fifth

By baby three, well let’s just say things are a little anticlimactic, at least where furnishings are concerned. Hand me down crib. Check. Read...
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Baby On A Train: Flash Fiction

She knows you’re not supposed to call it an “it,” but she honestly can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl or . . . undecided. Read...
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