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How Motherhood Changed My Feminism

l long prided myself on being a "strong, independent, beautiful, staunch feminist." But then I found out I was pregnant—and everything changed. Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   02.23.15   |   SHARE
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The Problem With The "Largest Study To Date" On Infidelity

Reportedly, women and men have different views on sexual vs. emotional affairs. Let the dubious evolutionary theorizing begin. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   01.13.15   |   SHARE
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Necessity: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine  

Your first venture out since the baby and here you are: unkempt, wearing sweatpants despite the heat. Read...
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Planned Parenthood Changes The Sex Ed Game

At schools teaching the "Get Real" program, significantly fewer students engage in sex by the 8th grade. What's its formula for success? Read...
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Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle Thinks Young Women Should Opt Out Of Voting And Focus On Tinder

I'm an unmarried, childless woman . . . but am still entitled to vote. Why do I have to say this in 2014? Read...
Kelley Calkins   |   10.23.14   |   SHARE

Why It's Time To Banish Mommy Guilt

So you fed your baby some formula instead of breast milk. His future is not shot. Really. It's not—and The Guilt serves no one. Read...
Joni Edelman    |   10.9.14   |   SHARE
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I Had A Homebirth! And It Was Way Better Than The Hospital

Is that incense I smell? A drum circle in the distance perhaps? Chanting? Herbal potions? Perhaps a cauldron? Could it be homebirth? Read...
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A Deal With The Devil: Fiction from Luna Luna

The line that ended at her middle finger meant she was selfish in love. It meant she would never have real love. It meant love was broken. Read...