What's clearly offensive to parents is a big gray area for kids — especially when it's one of their beloved YouTube celebs.

Talking To Kids About YouTube Celebs Who Cross The Line

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image credit: Oliver Potter via YouTube

This You-Tuber Comes Out To His Little Brother; His Reaction Requires Tissues

Today in, Things Kids Understand What Most Adults Never Will: Vlogger, Oliver Potter's five-year-old brother, Alfie. Read...
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Work at home wearing what you want. Always.

#RavsRecs: Joni Wears Lingerie While She Works (Shhh)

Welcome To #RavsRecs, a look inside the lives (and minds) of your Ravishly staffers. Every week we’ll be coming to you with a list of things that are Read...
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#MondayMotivation with Matt

#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Face Your Fears

It's time for #MondayMotivation with Matt Joseph Diaz. Today Matt is talking about vulnerability.  Read...
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Meet Coen: Ravishly's New Favorite Youtuber

He is smart and hilarious and he gave our Editor-in-Chief some kick-ass skincare advice. Read...
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Flowers make people happy. FLOWER, BITCHES.

Response #7431 To The "Dear Fat People" Lady

I was pretty firm in my conviction over the weekend that I wouldn’t even address this Meanie Pants, but then another person emailed me, and another Read...
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Dear Internet, Stop Trying To Make Clown Contouring Happen

Just when you thought the highly YouTube-able practice of contouring was on its way back into the trend vault for another 10-15 years, we’ve been Read...
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