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Ask Erin: How Do I Tell My Sister That Her Husband Relapsed? 

I'm fairly certain my brother-in-law relapsed on heroin, and I don't know how to tell my sister that her husband relapsed. Read...
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Being a full-time caregiver can be exhausting at times, but the hardest part is honestly the isolation.

I’m 30 And A Full-Time Caregiver (And It’s Isolating)

While I may not get flowers on Mother’s Day, I live with the daily responsibilities that go along with the adulting of parenthood as a full-time Read...
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"My sister’s boyfriend sucks, and when they’re together, THEY BOTH SUCK."

Ask Erin: Should I Stay Out Of My Sister’s Toxic Relationship? 

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about anything at Read...
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Ask Erin
The author and her sister.

The Strange, Strong Bond of Sisterhood

My sister Liz is full of wisdom, like my favorite quote I’ve shared with practically everyone I know: “Every pair of underwear has two good sides.” Read...
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Siblings: Flash Fiction

She gropes for attention while he dies in the other room. It’s a slow, lingering death, which makes her groping for attention all the more Read...
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Solange Knowles Gets Hitched, Proves (Again) She's The Ultimate It-Girl

Her New Orleans ceremony proves once again who really wears the (stylish) pants in the house of Knowles. Read...
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Murderous Sisters Become First Women in India to Get Death Penalty in 67 Years

What began as a twisted personal vendetta devolved into a harrowing six-year petty crime ring marked by kidnapping and child torture. Read...
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Would You Hire a Bridesmaid?

Best friends, sisters, cousins . . . contracted worker? Read...
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