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Here is a guide 7 travel-friendly sex toys experts choose for their getaways.

7 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys 

First things first — you should never be ashamed of your sex toy collection. Here is a guide 7 travel-friendly sex toys experts choose for their Read...
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Sex toy gift advice from an adult product blogger!

The Gift Of Pleasure: Sex Toy Gift Advice From An Adult Product Blogger

I’m a huge fan of spreading the love right now — and I can’t think of better self-love items than sex toys. Sex toy gift advice! Read...
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So there we have it. A moment of unholy glee in a world that leaves little room for glee. (Image Credit: Instagram/glowfuckyourself)

Fidget Spinner Butt Plug = Unholy Glee

I am about to lay something amazing on you: fidget spinner butt plugs. Yes. Fidget. Spinner. Butt. Plugs. They are real and you can have one for the Read...
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If you're shopping for some new bling, why not go with a piece of jewelry that's designed to double as a sex toy? (Image Credit: Instagram/unboundbox)

Sex Toys You Can Wear As Jewelry

Whether you're into dangly earrings, chokers, pieces that are a bit more understated or have a funky flair, there's something on the market that's Read...
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'The Sqweel' promises to simulate oral sex. And you can charge it in your car. What does it all mean?

New Sex Toy 'The Sqweel:' Sounds Like A Tool For Crafters, But Is Probs A Whole Lot More 'Exciting'

There is now a sex toy called the Sqweel that looks like a cross between an Epilady and something you would find at a craft store, maybe in the Read...
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Free sex toys. And it's not even Friday yet!

#RavsRadar: Sexy Liberation Wants To Give Its Products Away For FREE

What are the three sexiest words in the universe? No, not “Hi, Justin Trudeau," though those would be a great start to erotic Canadian fan fic. I was Read...
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DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea.

Attention Everyone: There Is A Reason Sex Toys Are NOT DIY

Attention everyone: DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea. Here’s why. Read...
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Images: Dame Products

I Tried Kickstarter's First Sex Toy And It's So Good, Every Girl Should Have One

The Fin from Dame Products is a finger vibrator for couples and it is awesome — my pick for that Valentine's Day gift for your partner or yourself. Read...
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