The Fourth holds none of the joy it has previously.

The Fourth Of July Is My Favorite Holiday, And I Want To Cancel It

The Fourth of July holds none of the joy it has previously. It’s not just the lousy president — it’s the fact that he was elected at all. Read...
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Anabel and her daughter. Anabel is currently being held in California awaiting deportation at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center.

My Friend Is Being Deported

The heartbreaking truth of it all is that Anabel will be cast out of this country forever. Without having an opportunity to hug her children goodbye Read...
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Chin Up! Here Are 3 Upsides To Global Warming

It sure feels like we're hurtling towards an apocalypse when you closely consider our planet's climate change, but when life gives you lemons . . . Read...
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Mysterious Crater Found in Siberia: Conspiracy Theories Abound

No one is sure what (or who) formed a recently-discovered pit in the tundra. Aliens? Biological weapon developers? You decide. Read...
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