My thin bank account cannot accommodate your spendy eating ways, and I know I’m not alone.

Check Your Food Privilege

The truthiest truth, though, is food is expensive. It costs a pretty penny to feed yourself well, with conviction, ethical sourcing, and quality Read...
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I'll just get a new one.

Your Bike Is Stolen, And It's OK: Signs You've Changed Social Class

The other day my friend on Facebook had made a remark about how there are people who have multiple income streams and travel abroad constantly and Read...
Melissa Petro    |   09.14.15   |   SHARE
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The Hidden Privilege Of "Unschooling"

Only highly educated white people seemed willing to consider the idea that their children might learn best without any instruction at all. Read...
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On Reparations, Gentrification, The Role Of Police, And Other Intellectual Pursuits

I think about extremism and free speech and bigotry and the role of satire and privilege, always privilege. My brain is very full. Read...
Anne of Persephone Magazine    |   01.17.15   |   SHARE

Even In Tragic Death, Charlie Hebdo Victims Benefit From Privilege 

Who is memorialized in death has everything to do with race, class . . . and who you were in life. Read...
Noah Berlatsky    |   01.12.15   |   SHARE