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Heavy Metal Tries To Join Forces With #GamerGate . . . And Fails 

For a second, it looked like the rabid hordes of gamergaters would be joined by metalheads. But #metalgate was never meant to be. Read...
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"We believe," the gray area lie. Courtesy of, YouTube

"Ex-Gay" Support Group Mounts Billboard Of Lies Based On "Science"

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), is just trying to help the community you guys. Face-palm. Read...
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The Crystal Maze: A Game Show Where You Can Laugh At People's Failures In A Non-Oppressive Way

It’s essentially Legends of the Hidden Temple for hapless adults stranded in a dime store Disneyland. And it's OK to chuckle. Read...
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The Problem With FCKH8’s “Potty Mouth Princesses” Video—And The Company's Other "Activism"

FCKH8 claims to have an "activist heart" and be committed to social change but . . . Read...
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Why Scandal Is One Of The Most Important Shows Ever For The Gay Rights Movement

When Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes recently fired back at a homophobic tweeter, she shed light on how progressive her show really is. Read...
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A Homophobic Attack On A Woman’s Marriage Helps Her Understand What True 'Family' Means

What happens when your marriage is attacked and vilified by your own cousin? Read...
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Can a Trans TV Reporter Change Turkey's Prejudice?

Michelle Demishevich is Turkey's first—and only—trans TV reporter. Can one women's visibility better the lives of LGBTQ folks throughout the country? Read...
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Celebrity Mea Culpa: Grading the Apologies of Justin Bieber and Jonah Hill

Both stars have been caught with their A-list foot in their mouth. What can we learn from how they've said sorry to society? Read...
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