Johnny Depp as Grindewald (image credit Warner Brothers)

JK Rowling Gets A Twitter Lashing For Casting Depp 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, I guess. JK's gotta employ Depp and I gotta write about it. Read...
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Is Sherri Shepherd Wrongly Being Forced Into Motherhood?

The former View host is embroiled in a court case raising challenging questions about parental responsibilities. Read...
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The Latest Proof That Men's Rights Activists Don't Actually Care About Men's Rights

A recent controversy at the Calgary Expo suggests MRAs care more about making opponents look bad than they do about discrimination. Read...
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Public Shaming Of Britt McHenry Overlooks Bigger Issue: How We Treat Service Workers

We rely on the service industry and we detest it—likely out of fear. Read...
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"Hottest Women In Politics" Story Is Everything Wrong With America 

Our weekly round-up of female politicians in the news . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read...
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Jaleen Grove, Shannon May, and Celine Loup

6 Female Illustrators Weigh In On Sexism, Feminism, And The Newsweek Fiasco

"Without men's voices to talk over us, we have space to re-examine our lived experiences together." Read...
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Urban Outfitters Continues Its Ugly Track Record Of Anti-Semitism And General Awfulness

The retailer has a long history of Jewish bias and hate. It's time to stop shopping there once and for all. Read...
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On Sexual Power, Mike Huckabee, Beyoncé—And Wonder Woman

Rather than seeing Beyoncé's sexual performance as linked to destruction, we can consider whether eroticism might be an alternative to violence. Read...
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