Look at this: they managed PIN that hacked McDonald's tweet!

Genius Hacker Tweets What We Are All Thinking (But From McDonald's Twitter Account)

Look, I'm not saying McDonald's did this themselves, I'm just saying, a lot of the people that work there probably agree. Read...
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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Why You Should Eat What You Want At McDonald's 

Nutritionists have weighed in on what to order at McDonald's. Here's what I think you should get instead. Read...
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Yes, I'm A Black Jew: Why Do People Always Want To Talk To Me About It?

I know that in a lot of ways I am a cultural and ethnic enigma. But discussing my identity all the time can get old. Like, real old, real fast. Read...
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The Nation that Shattered America's World Cup Dreams: 5 Amazing Facts About Belgium

Not only is Belgium better than us at soccer—it may be the coolest country in the whole damn world. Read...
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Ronald McDonald Gets Demented Bellhop Makeover

Maybe it's time the top fast-food chain in the world went with another mascot altogether? Read...
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Weird+Wonderful+WTF Special Edition: Top 5 Trends in Wacky!

What dominates the weird news cycle? From Florida to McDonald's, we bring you the hottest trends in bizarrre happenings. Read...
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