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I'm Scared That If I Need You, You'll Leave

I opened the door to my heart and told him not only did I desperately need him, but that I was desperately afraid to need him. Read...
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I wish I had a mother. I don’t miss her; I do miss the idea of her.

I Wish I Had A Mother

Biologically speaking, I do have a "mother." There is a woman somewhere who gave birth to me. But that's not a mom and I really wish I had a mother! Read...
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If you go, you and I have a chance to be we again.

I Love You So Much; I Want You To Go 

If you go, I’ll have to pick up all the dog poop. I will have to take out the trash. I will have to sleep alone. Read...
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You can stay sober without AA — at least, I've been able to.

4 Ways I Stay Sober Without AA

Without a doubt, going to AA meetings saved my life. But after six years of devoted participation, my attendance dwindled until, about a year ago, I Read...
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A letter to you, mom, wherever you are.

A Letter To My Estranged Mother

I don’t know where you are — if you are ok, if you have food, shelter, love. I don’t know what you look like now. Read...
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OMG isn't Dad embarrassing?! Courtesy of, Facebook

Obama Girls Aren't The First To Be Ridiculed, And They Probably Won't Be The Last

In the wake of GOP aide's Elizabeth Lauten's outburst, we remember ridiculed daughters of administrations past. Read...
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New Study Reveals Surprising Link Between Religion and Drunken Violence

According to new research, the more religious the person, the more violent they become after imbibing. Read...
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In Honor of Batman Day We Celebrate Bruce Wayne's Wily Womanly Comic Book Counterparts

Please. Did you really think it was all about Rachel? Read...
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