Nasty Gal Launches New Line of Eye-Singeingly Hot Swimwear

Love Nasty Gal? Get ready to smile your face off. What till you see what they're offering for the sexy days of summer! Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   03.11.14   |   SHARE

A Non-Fashionista's Lament: Why the "Normcore" Trend is Kinda Insulting

Dear fashionable people of the world: please leave sneakers and stonewashed jeans to the humble style slackers. Read...
Nikki Gloudeman   |   03.11.14   |   SHARE

Youth Doesn't Always Win: Jessica Lange is the Face of Marc Jacob's New Campaign

Confession: the thought of aging petrifies me. I’ve been rocking anti-aging face lotion daily since I was 17. With designers Read...
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Eye on the Prize: Miss Venezuela Surgery Obsessed, Sews Mesh to Tongue to Stop Eating

While Venezuelan women have long been on the societal radar of gasp-inducing passions for plastic surgery, a recent BBC 3 documentary, Extreme Read...
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