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I’m A Rape Survivor; This Is How My Husband & I Handle Intimacy

Assault does not disappear because the new identities of “spouse” or “mother” accumulate in your wake. This is how my husband and I handle intimacy. Read...
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Stick It To The Homophobes: Why My Lesbian Wedding Will Be Unapologetically Over-The-Top

I suddenly understood why I felt this intense pressure to make my lesbian wedding so wildly spectacular — to stick to the homophobes. Read...
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Take The Cake: Yes, Fat Women Actually Date Amazing People

I’ve dated people of all sizes, income levels, and personality types. I only get questions when I’m dating someone whose status is seen as “above” my Read...
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Breaking The Stigma Of Dating And Loving With HIV​

Life and Love with HIV hopes to shatter outdated stigmas and introduce stories of happiness, pleasure, and positivity. Loving with HIV. Read...
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Love, Alexi: How To Start A New Relationship Without Totally Freaking Out

The following is a list — a gentle reminder, for anyone who has ever had a hard time trusting in a new relationship, and allowing someone to love Read...
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No, not a relationship coach or therapist. I decided to go to a matchmaker.

My Friends Turned Out To Be Better Matchmakers Than The Professional

My first impression of the matchmaker was that she was someone with whom I’d be friends. Yet, my real friends turned out to be better matchmakers. Read...
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Take The Cake: 7 Ways Thin People Romantically Exploit Fat People

Fat people often get so little attention that feels positive. When someone offers exploitative attention or exploits fat people it can feel really Read...
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I'm Glad I Chose Myself Over My Boyfriend​

I smiled and walked out the door, choosing myself over a guy, choosing my business over a person who wanted me to be someone I no longer was. Read...
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