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Take The Cake: Nancy’s Thin Privilege Got Barb Killed. THANKS, NANCY.

It was Nancy's thin privilege that obscured her ability to see what Barb saw in the Popular Kids, to make the social leap that Barb couldn't, and Read...
Virgie Tovar    |   07.27.16   |   SHARE
Taystee sobs, kneeling on the ground, with a CO standing behind her. Image: Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black Is Trauma Porn Written For White People [spoilers]

It’s like the writers and producers sat around and said, “Let’s put all the most f*cked up recent cultural references in one season and be the most Read...

TV's 10 Best Original Songs

Sing along with our favorite ditties from Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Futurama and more. TGIF! Read...
Karishma of Persephone Magazine    |   11.14.14   |   SHARE