Rav's Recipes: Winter Fruit Salad!

Winter Jewel Salad Recipe (And Video!)

If you're looking for the perfect, low maintenance dish to bring to parties or holiday gatherings, this is your ticket - Winter Jewel Salad! Read...
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Serve salad with a steak knife and a side of culinary pride. Happy summer!

#RavsRecipes: Grilled Goat Cheese & Tart Cherry Salad

When an opportunity presents itself to throw together a yummy grilled salad using the season’s finest, I jump at it. This week’s creative summer Read...
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I Don’t Know About You, But I Prefer My Salad Without Dead Bats

You could never trust Walmart. Now you can’t even trust your greens. Read...
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This heart black bean salad is yummy, nutritious, and perfect for meal prep!

#RavsRecipes: Southwestern Black Bean Salad

Instead of making lunch once a day, I make it once every three days. It saves on energy, brain power, and I don't have to figure out feeding myself Read...
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Strawberries and cucumbers are my favorite SoCal produce, and I'm all about finding inventive ways to bring them together.
Salad is not the only food.

5 Popular Weight Loss Tips That Can SUCK IT #DitchTheDiet2016

If you’re at an amazing restaurant, eat the amazing food there! Enjoy it! Don’t limit yourself to one bite of expensive entree because you Read...
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Listful Thinking: 4 Great Ways to Put Annoying Dandelions to Good Use

Dandelions are not just weeds! Here, four things you never knew you could do with the pesky flowers (um, weeds). Read...
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