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The Theory Of Everything And The Crushing Weight Of Caretaking

Stephen Hawking's first wife Jane may have seemed like a heartless ice queen. But let me tell you: Everything she went through was entirely plausible. Read...
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Should we rush Delta Delta Delta, or join The Satanic Temple? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Move Over, Hobby Lobby: Satanic Temple Wants Health-Care Exemption, Too

Satanists are demanding their own legal loophole based on religious doctrine. Do they have a point? Read...
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Honoring the Lives of Two Pioneering AIDS Researchers Lost in MH17 

Lives aren't the only things lost when tragedy strikes. Read...
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Adam Scott Teaches Us a "Lesson" on Healthcare

Who do you go to for political advice? Not celebrities Read...
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Smart, Fat and Complacent: America Knows Better, So Why Are We Still Obese?

We know it and hate to say it. Americans have gained a well-earned reputation around the world for being heavyweights when it comes to our waistlines Read...
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