bipolar disorder

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I Take So Many Psych Meds, I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore

I am tired of taking medication. I am tired of relying on the manufactured versions of the chemicals and hormones my body could — should? — make for Read...
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Beyond Before & After
"I eventually wrap it around my index finger, count to three, and pull."

My IUD Made Me Crazy, So I Pulled It Out Myself

At this point, the only thing this stupid IUDemon has going for it is the amenorrhea — which is NOT enough. Read...
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Why Am I Keeping All Of This Sh*t? A Case For Decluttering

A couple of years ago I asked my therapist if she thought my inability to separate things and the memories associated with those things was some kind Read...
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I am still ashamed. But despite that, or in spite of that, my life is beautiful.

Can I Blame My Mental Illness For My Lousy Behavior?

I wish I could say that every mistake I’ve made, every lousy decision, is all a manifestation of my faulty brain chemistry and mental illness. Read...
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The upside of some serious lows... (Image Credit: Unsplash)

Can I Be Thankful For My Mental Illness?

t interests me that I can immediately think of the gifts of anxiety, panic, and even my spurts of agoraphobia. Being tense in body and mind, living Read...
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I was always scared, as much as I didn’t want to be my mother, I was.

Can I Be Bipolar And A Good Parent?

In early adulthood, the bipolar disorder that was my genetic destiny was pushed around — shuffled from doctor to doctor, city to city, misdiagnosis Read...
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When you’re living with roommates, almost all of the house is “communal space” in which you sort of have to be ready to interact with someone at any time. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Ways To Manage Your Mental Illness When You Live With Friends

My roommates [...] weren't aware that I live with bipolar disorder until a few weeks after I first moved in. In the month or so since, I’ve learned a Read...
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Human lives are at stake when your colleagues abuse their power... Image: Thinkstock.

An Open Letter To Police From A White Mother Of Mixed-Race Sons

I always believed that police used lethal violence to control citizens only as a last resort. Now it’s clear that they are jumping to it without fear Read...
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