bipolar disorder

Parents say this is normal, that those fears can be overcome, and that having a family is the most rewarding thing they’ve ever chosen for themselves. However, I still say "no."

6 Reasons I'm Too Afraid To Have Children

I never wanted children. When other little girls were playing with dolls, I played with stuffed animals. Even when I played house, my home was filled Read...
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Colorful pills spilling out of a bottle.

I Fought My Meds But My Meds Won

When we make medications seem like a failure rather than a simple necessity, we make the people who take them feel like failures, too. Read...
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Me First.

Desperately Seeking Self-Care

Here is the kicker. I am human. I treasure mental stability above all else. Therefore, I take my medications daily and sleep first. So what is a gal Read...
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Bipolar + Parenthood.

Parenting With Bipolar Disorder: One Woman’s Perspective

I was incapable of feeling. I could not show all the love and promise my heart held for those boys. Once I returned and started feeling better, we Read...
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I’m Not Flushing My Psych Meds, But I Want To

Four pills. They keep me sane. They keep me grounded. They make me tired. They make me mad. They are the thing I should thank for my mental wellness Read...
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Managing Life With Bipolar Disorder And Without A 9-To-5

Two months ago, I filed for disability for unmedicated bipolar disorder. I had spent weeks dangling from tiring hands over a spiky precipice – or so Read...
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bipolar disorder

I Have A Mental Illness And It Sucks

This is the reality of my life. I am incredibly unstable right now, which is why everything is so extreme. So, no this isn’t the normal everyday life Read...
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What It's Like To Be Medicated—And Not—With Bipolar Disorder

In honor of World Bipolar Day, I present a sample stream of consciousness based on my experiences living with this disorder. Read...
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