bipolar disorder

Why Do We Mourn Robin Williams And Endlessly Mock Amanda Bynes?

Is 2015 the year we will finally take an honest look at our country’s dealings with mental illness? Read...
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"I Can't Stand The Sun": My Struggle To Find The Right Bipolar Meds

My cocktail is wrong. It’s a gin and tonic with only gin. It’s a martini with 10 olives. And I can’t stand the sun. Not today. Not this month. Read...
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On Being "Crazy": A Day In My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric illness is still stigmatized. And that’s hard when you have a psychiatric illness. Read...
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The Good And Bad Of My Bipolar II Diagnosis And Demeanor

I’m lucky to be smart, to have an astonishingly good memory. Or maybe I’m lucky to be bipolar. Read...
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I Grew Up With A Bipolar Mom—Then Learned I Have The Disorder Myself

I'll never forget the day I discovered the name for my mental illness. Read...
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Diet Slam of the Week: Can Going Ketogenic Magically Make You Skinny and Cancer-Free?

If headlines are to be believed, the ketogenic diet can help with bipolar disorder, epilepsy and cancer, all while helping you lose tons of weight! Read...
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