Rachel Maddow Fights The Censoring Of Arizona Biology Students' Textbooks

Rachel Maddow just owned conservative Arizona school board members. Read...
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Like, who actually does this? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" Video Tackles The Harmful Notion Of "Crazy"

Stop calling your lovers "crazy." Read...
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Gossip Can Have Valuable Social Benefits—Celebrate With Missy Elliot!

Gossip, gossip, ninja just stop it. Read...
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We Listened To Kurt Cobain's "Montage Of Heck" So You Don't Have To!

A track consisting of three minutes of retching—really? Read...
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Kegels?? Credit: Comedy Central's YouTube channel

Watch: "Sex Prep," In Which Amy Schumer Is Sad, Awesome—And Totally Right

Spontaneous sex? Ha! Getting ready to get it in is an all-day affair. Read...
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Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Is A Magical Rapper—Can You Keep Up?

Forget Harry Potter—just for (an incredible) four minutes. Read...
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Watch: Wedding Party Guests Imbibe Fireball Whiskey, Awesomeness Ensues

Drink, and watch, responsibly. Read...
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You can't fake that kind of shock.

Watch: Men Try On Women's Thongs, Hilarity Ensues

Did you ever stop to think about how impractical thongs are? Read...
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