Watch: What Would Happen If Men Had To Deal With Prescription Condoms?

Answer: According to this video? It would be hilarious. Read...
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Watch: 'Sexually Enlightened R&B' Reveals How Gender Equality Can Be Hot

Because treating a woman "sociopolitically right" is totally sexy. Read...
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Watch: Aretha Franklin Nails Mashup Of "Rolling In The Deep" And "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Aretha recently took to David Letterman's stage and blew some minds out the back-door. Now that is a diva with a capital D. Read...
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Like, SO annoyed over that boyyyy! (Credit: YouTube)

Watch: GOP Fails (Again!) At Understanding Women

A new Republican-backed anti-Obama ad is NSFW. Not because it's obscene, but because it'll make you laugh so hard. Read...
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Credit: Alaska Dispatch News Youtube

Watch: Alaskan Reporter Charlo Greene Swears And Quits On Live TV . . . To Pursue Marijuana Reform

Going out with a blaze equals marketing slam dunk. Read...
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Credit: Panic! At the Disco Youtube Channel

Watch: Panic! At The Disco Covers 'Bohemian Rhapsody'—And It Doesn't Suck!

The impossible has happened. Queen's classic hit has been successfully emulated. Read...
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Credit: FCKH8's YouTube channel

Watch: Ferguson Kids Calling Out White America On Racism

Racism. Still very much a thing. Read...
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Watch: Smithsonian Sheds Light On LGBTQ History With New Exhibit

Grab your tissues and check out this moving video commemorating civil rights progress. Read...
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