The real reason I didn’t shed my bathing suit on Burriana Beach was because I was insecure about how my body looked.

Having My Body Issues Stripped Bare Among European Sunbathers

I was insecure about how my body looked. The European sunbathers shamelessly demonstrated that we can be perfectly satisfied with what we have. Read...
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Image credit: Sam Wheeler via Unsplash

I Went On A Kid-Less Vacation And All I Got Was An Emotional Breakdown (And Some Pretty Great Clarity)

No one ever told me that relaxing would be such a hard thing to do. Read...
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What can we do to care for our skin of all colors?

Skincare Is Self-Care! Protect Yourself From The Summer Sun With These Tips

When you are dealing with soaring temperatures and direct sunlight, your direct needs become very obvious and immediate: stay hydrated, protect your Read...
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Just like everyone else’s on that beach, my body was just a body.

How I Gained F*** Off Status Going Topless In Ibiza 

Just like everyone else’s on that beach, my body was just a body. I didn’t even have to love it, but I didn’t have my fear of it control my life, Read...
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Even at a month shy of 15, even as a model, even as a young girl who adorned the floor-to-ceiling window of a studio in the center of town, I hated my body. Image: Joni Edelman.

I Thought I Was Fat. Didn't We All?

It doesn’t get any more difficult to insult ourselves, regardless of how old we are. It would be ideal if it got easier to respect ourselves, but it Read...
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Mondays With Matt

Mondays With Matt: Dealing With Folks Staring At Your Body In Public

Matt talks about how to deal with being stared at. 
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I wasn’t just wearing a swimsuit; I was moving in one. Image: Thinkstock.

How I Overcame My Swimsuit Phobia And Learned To Appreciate My Body

My swimsuit phobia started in middle school — that breeding ground of body shame and fear. One minute I’m a kid excitedly putting on my pink two- Read...
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Whatever you decide to put on your body while you are swimming with your family, have fun with it. Image: Thinkstock.

The Mombod Swimsuit Guide

The Internet has told us that instead of selling our wild summer children to a band of traveling performers, we should go swimming with them instead Read...
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