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Ask Erin: My Partner And I Found Out The Guy We’re Hooking Up With Is Engaged

We both want to make it an ongoing thing with this particular guy and he was also open. The problem is, when we were at the bar he showed us a Read...
Erin Khar    |   06.10.16   |   SHARE
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Breaking norms and trying to create something newer — and better — is going to feel strange.

Why I Tell My Partner Exactly How I Want To Be Kissed

In general, I don't believe in compromising for love. I'm not interested in a relationship where I become less of myself to make someone else happy. Read...
Rachel Charlene Lewis    |   03.30.16   |   SHARE
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3 Things That Will Transform Your Intimate Relationship In 2016

Unlike the exercise and dieting regimes you have to stick to for quite some time before seeing any effects, here are just three things you can do Read...
Michael J. Russer of The Good Men Project    |   01.22.16   |   SHARE
Sex + LoveBodies
"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Why You Should Never Compare Sex Partners 

I have slept with seven men: five bona fide boyfriends, one guy I was seeing for a time, and one one-night stand. According to Slate’s sex history Read...
Elis de Guerre    |   01.12.16   |   SHARE
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Not Tonight, Dear: Mismatched Libidos

Truth to tell, it would be extremely rare, if not impossible, to find two people with perfectly matched libidos. Read...
Barbara Gold of The Good Men Project    |   11.30.15   |   SHARE
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How To Be Married With Kids And Still Have Frequent Sex

Married sex doesn’t have to be restricted to Saturday nights. I heard him pad softly into the room mere minutes after I had shut off the Read...
Anna Rosenblum Palmer of The Good Men Project    |   09.22.15   |   SHARE
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Read on.

Making Love With An Upgraded Sexual Operating System

As mentioned in previous articles, every adult has a Sexual Operating System (S.O.S.) that has an enormous impact on the quality and longevity of Read...
Michael J. Russer of The Good Men Project    |   08.28.15   |   SHARE
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There's Only One Secret To Great Sex, Unlearn Everything

Forget everything you ever learned about sex. Whether perched stiffly in the classroom as your teacher prattled on about the finer points of Read...
Hilary Lauren Jastram of The Good Men Project    |   08.10.15   |   SHARE
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